2019 Hybrid Tea Roses & Grandifloras

Hybrid Tea & Grandifloras – Large well-formed blossoms, sturdy stems. Hybrid Teas are single blossoms known for their large flowers generally borne one per long stem on medium to tall bushes from 4’ to 6’ varying by variety and nicely fragrant. Grandifloras are roses with cluster blossoms.

Variety Fragrance Color
Beloved ™ Light Velvety red flowers
Beverly® Intense fruity Lipstick pink inner, lighter outer
Black Magic®
Mild sweet Very dark red
Blue Girl
Moderate fruity Silvery Lilac-Lavender
Broadway Strong spice & damask Golden yellow flushed pink edges
Chicago Peace
Light Pink with Canary Yellow
Color Magic Intense fruity Full spectrum of Pinks
Dick Clark™ Moderate cinnamon apple Cream & Cherry blushed Burgundy
Double Delight Strong spicy rose Cream blushing red
Dolly Parton Strong clove & rose Dark coppery Orange-Red
Light Tea Dark cherry pink
Firefighter® Strong sweet Rich red
First Prize Mild tea Swirled hues of rose Pink
Fragrant Cloud
Strong sweet spice / rose Deep coral-red, orange
Fragrant Plum
Strong fruity Lavender blushing purple
Gold Medal Rich fruity Golden yellow suffused orange
Grande Amore®
Moderate Intense red
John F. Kennedy
Moderate licorice Greenish white
Just Joey
Intense fruity Buff orange to soft apricot
Happy Go Lucky™
Moderate fruity & tea Even pure gold
Intense sweet Deep lilac-purple
In the Mood™
Mild tea Vivid true red
Love Slight rose Scarlet Red w/pure White reverse
Variety Fragrance Color
 Macho Man
Moderate Purple blends
Memorial Day™ Strong damask rose Orchid pink
Miranda Lambert™
Intense rose & fruit Sexy hot pink
Mister Lincoln
Intense damask rose Velvety red
New Year
Light Orange to golden yellow
Oklahoma Intense rose Dark black-red
Light fruity Creamy-Yellow flushed with Pink
Perfume Delight
Intense Rosy pink
Pretty Lady Rose™ Moderate strong Dark even pink
Rio Samba™
Light & Fresh Hot yellow edged in fiery orange
Savannah™ Very strong Salmon pink
Light Scarlet with white reverse
St. Patrick™
Light Yellow turning greenish in warmth
Sunny Sky™
Moderate Pure yellow
2019 Floribunda Roses

Floribunda – Free flowering, clusters of medium sized blooms on medium length stems; usually 3’ to 4’ tall varying by variety.  Nicely fragrant, excellent disease resistance, vigorous growers and compact habit.

Variety Fragrance Color
First Impression®
Mild licorice Bright yellow
Julia Child
Strong Licorice & spice Butter-gold
St. Tropez™
Strong licorice candy Apricot/Orange
Mild Brilliant orange-scarlet
White Licorice™
Strong licorice & lemon Fragrant lemon cream

Climbers – Vigorous grower, height range 6-14′, producing various size blossoms. Best with support.

Variety Fragrance Color
Light Fiery red
Golden Showers
Moderate sweet Daffodil yellow
Joseph’s Coat
Light Multicolored orange, yellow, pink, red
Sally Holmes
Light Pure white
Yellow Blaze
Light licorice Crisp yellow
 Zephrine Drouhin
Strong damask Cerise pink

Mini-Flora – Small flowered with proportionately small foliage. Shorter stems still suitable for cutting.

Variety Fragrance Color
Strong Pastel pink

Shrub Roses – Full busy habit produces flowers of varying size, generally disease resistant and cold hardy.

Ground-Cover Roses – Shrub rose with a more spreading habit. Great for low growing mass plantings.