2017 Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea roses are known for their large flowers generally borne one per long stem on medium to tall bushes from 4’ to 6’ varying by variety and nicely fragrant.

Variety Fragrance Color
Aromatherapy Strong fruity Pink with darker edge
Barbara Streisand
Strong rose & Citrus blossom Rich Lavender blushing darker
Beloved ™ Light Velvety red flowers
Beverly Intense fruity Lipstick pink inner, lighter outer
Black Magic
Mild sweet Very dark red
Blue Girl
Moderate fruity Silvery Lilac-Lavender
Camara Light Orange-vermillion center to Red edge
Chicago Peace
Light Pink with Canary Yellow
Chrysler Imperial
Intense damask rose Velvety dark Red
Color Magic Intense fruity Full spectrum of Pinks
Dark Desire™ Intense floral & fruity Unique violet-red
Double Delight Strong spicy rose Cream blushing red
Dolly Parton
Strong clove & rose Dark coppery Orange-Red
Firefighter Strong sweet Rich red
First Prize Mild tea Swirled hues of rose Pink
Francis Meilland ®
Strong fruit & citrus Light pink
Gold Glow
Moderate Ruffled bright yellow
Grande Amore Moderate Intense Red
Grande Dame™
Intense old rose Super saturate rose pink
John F. Kennedy
Moderate licorice Greenish white
Heirloom Intense sweet Deep Lilac-Purple
Macho Man
Moderate Purple blends
Mister Lincoln
Intense damask rose Velvety Red
New Day
Intense Mimosa yellow
Oklahoma Intense rose Dark black-red
2017 Grandiflora Roses

Grandiflora  roses are known for their large clusters of flowers on long stems; usually taller bushes, 4’ to 6’ varying by variety.  Nicely fragrant, excellent disease resistance and vigorous growers.

Variety Fragrance Color
About Face™
Light fresh cut apple Gold-Orange in / Bronze-Red out
Anna’s Promise™
Moderate fruity with slight spice Bi-color gold/tan, pink blush, copper reverse
Arizona Intense sweet Gold-Bronze to Orange-Yellow
Dick Clark™
Moderate cinnamon apple Cream & Cherry blushed Burgundy
Dream Come True™
Mild tea Golden yellow edge blushed with Ruby Red
Slight rose Scarlet Red with pure White reverse
Miss Congeniality™
Moderate sweet pear White with pink picotee
Mt. Hood
Light old rose Snowy white hues
New Year
Light Orange to golden Yellow