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With this time of year the saying “Fall is for Planting” always comes to my mind. This slogan was popular about 40 years ago when I was installing landscape projects for our customers that came into Romence Garden Center. Those folks were looking for work to be done at their homes. Others were in the store picking out nursery stock to put in themselves.

I never really agreed with the slogan as I am sure it was made up because of lacking sales in the nursery business in the summer months and the industry needed something to generate interest back in the public eye. I remember hanging banners on the building and putting the letters on the marquee, reminding the public that it was time to plant again.

As I have said before, you can plant trees and shrubs any time of year as long as they can be taken care of with watering, feeding and some cooperation from Mother Nature. And of course if you can dig the ground without going through substantial frost or snow. Some of the nicest landscape projects we have put in over the years have been installed in summer when the temperature is well into the 90’s or the end of fall when the ground is partly frozen.

With planting container stock, there is really no cut-off date when you can’t plant things except for when the ground is too frozen or the snow is too deep for convenience. Plants and trees would like to be in the ground rather than stuck in a container to endure the elements of winter. Even so, things left above ground in a container still can survive most winters without being affected. Most plants would prefer to be rooted in the ground before going into winter, so the earlier you can plant, the more likely the plant would have a root system started before going dormant.

Landscape Supplies




Bagged Soils:
Top Soil 40 lbs.
Peat Moss (Compost) MI 40 lbs.
Cow Manure 40 lbs.
Planting Mix 40lb.
Mushroom Soil 50 lbs.
Play Sand 40 lbs.
Fertilome Comp. Transplanting Mix 32 qts.
3cu ft.
Fertilome High Perfomance
50 qts.
25 qts.
10 qts.
Fertilome Cactus & Succulent Mix 10qt
Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
1 cu ft. bale
2.2 cu ft. bale
3.8 cu ft. bale
Vermiculite 10 qts.
4cu ft.
Perlite 8 qts.
4cu ft.

Bulk Soil:
Sifted Top Soil cubic yard
Bulk Fill Sand cubic yard

Bagged Stone:
All bagged stone comes in 1/2 cu. ft. bags, unless noted.
Arctic Rainbow
Barn Red
Beechwood Pebbles
Black Granite
Black Lava Rock 1 cu ft. bag
Burnt Coral
Cobble Stone ¾”
Cobble Stone 1 3/4” (River Rock)
Gold Lava Rock 1 cu. ft. bag
Grey Slate
Indian Sunset
Marble Chips
Pea Gravel
Pink Quartz
Red Lava Rock 1 cu ft. bag
Royal Gorge
Salt & Pepper
Silica Pebbles
Slate Scape
Spanish Tile
Walnut Nuggets
Western Sunrise
Stone Bulk:
River Rock
1” to 2” stone size
Boulders: Individual
Driveway Gravel yd³
3/8 Gravel w/ Fines::
21AA Gravel (Stabilizer) yd
N.Y. Blue Slate

Sand Stone:
Fond Du Lac (Lannon Stone)
Feather Rock

Bagged Mulch:
Chocolate Brown 2 cu ft.
Black 2 cu ft.
Red Dye 2 cu ft.
Blue Flamingo Cypress 3 cu ft.
Cedar 3 cu ft.
Cocoa Bean 2 cu ft.
Chunk Bark (3 cu ft.)
Small sized chunk
Medium sized chunk
Large sized chunk
Pine Straw Mulch 4 cu. ft.

Bulk Mulch:
Wood Chips
Natural Hardwood Mulch
Shredded Hardwood Mulch
Red Dye Mulch
Black Dye Mulch
Cedar Mulch
Cedar Mulch
Bulk Fabric:
Weed barrier:
3’ wide
4’ wide
5’ wide
6’ wide
8’ wide
12’ wide