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Miniature, Groundcover, Antique & Tree Roses

Miniature roses pack a punch of color in a small space.  These compact bushes are around 2’ tall with clusters of small, 1-2” lightly scented blossoms.  Perfect for small gardens, patio and containers.

Groundcover roses are fast growing, low spreading plants.  Perfect for continuous color on slopes, steep banks and along driveways.  Plants are 1’-2’ tall vigorous and care-free.

Antique roses offer old fashioned charm to your landscape.  Grow along a fence or arbor for beautiful color and heady scent.

Tree roses add elegance and beauty to your landscape with a delightful, blooming cascade of summer color.

Variety Fragrance Color Awards
Baby Grand Slight apple Pure clear pink
Child’s Play ™ Fruity White, edged pink AARS Winner -“The highest honor for garden roses”
Heartbreaker Light Cream w/deep pink edge
Rainbow’s End ™ Mild Deep yellow blushing to orange-red AARS Winner -“The highest honor for garden roses”
Santa Claus Slight Velvety Red
Teeny Bopper ™ Light Scarlet/White bicolor
Texas Slight Bright sunny yellow
Warm & Fuzzy ™ Sweet juniper bud Christmasy red AARS Winner -“The highest honor for garden roses”
Variety Fragrance Color
Baby Blanket   Pink
Blossom Blanket Light White
Carpet Apple Blossom Pastel Pink
Carpet Coral Coral pink
Carpet Pink Rose-pink
Carpet Red Red
Carpet Scarlet Scarlet
Carpet White White
Carpet Yellow Yellow
Happy Chappy Light Yellow, orange, pink
Roseberry Blanket Light, spicy Fuchsia pink
Sunrise Vigorosa ™ Mild Luminous yellow
Variety Fragrance Color
Zephirine Droughin Strong raspberry Dark pink
Variety Fragrance Color
Polar Joy ®